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The Dance Hybrid

Dance is a way to express your emotions, when words don't do them justice.

Dance Hybrid Malta was established since 1998 founded by Francesca Abela Tranter. It is an intensive dance training platform that brings together dancers, teachers, professional and semi-professional dance artists from around the globe. A physical platform where artists get together and communicate through the language of the  body training in revolutionary techniques experiencing diverse cultures and styles in the contemporary genre.


The annual summer hybrid invites international established and emerging dance artists to lead master classes, workshops, explore choreographic skills and repertory. Sharing the vast diversity of dance. This intensive culminates to an informal sharing on the last day inside a theatre open to the public. Dance hybrid Malta reflects and contributes greatly to the dance community in Malta through learning and  challenging the perpetual evolving world of dance

Francesca Abela Tranter born in Malta is an independent Choreographer, practitioner, researcher and pedagogue owning a rich history of collaborations. She began her training with Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine academy a historical landmark in Classical ballet training in Malta. She then furthered her training at the London Contemporary Dance School specialising in Contemporary Dance Techniques and choreography. Returning to Malta she performed with the Tanya Bayona Dance Theatre Company (1987 -1997) simultaneously teaching and choreographing developing her own creative methods.

In 2012 she obtained a Master’s Degree in Dance and Choreography from the University of Malta school of Performing arts, her thesis based on an analysis of physical brutality in European Contemporary Dance, an examination of personal aesthetic with reference to the relationship of current dance practices. She has continued to participate in a variety of seminars and practical courses around the world.

In 2001 she founded Dance Hybrid Malta, an annual dance training intensive programme focused on dance exploration working with exceptional artists to introduce and share styles of work and revolutionary techniques in Malta. Interested in interdisciplinary art this platform continues to thrive and persevere annually growing more popular internationally, offering participants a flavour of an intensive dance study experience within Maltese culture.


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